December 20, 2011

Just a little Christmas crafting

Yeah so I am being awesome and POSTING all my Christmas cards this year for the very first time. YAY for snail mail! This is because

  1. I haven't given Christmas cards in a while and I kind of miss it
  2. I can't see everyone I would like to give them to (I also won't be bothered to visit everyone individually, mostly cause I would have to use public transport to get everywhere)
  3. It takes less time to go to the post office once then see everyone.
  4. AND I'm not going to be in the state over Christmas/New Years :)
Not to mention that mail is FUN! :)

And now me being, well me, I thought that I would make my own Christmas cards! 

The design and all are pretty much done just need to finish the last half. THEN I have to make the envelopes...
Just some of my materials

I really need to get these done before the week is out. Need to post them before the end of the week. I leave for Melbourne on FRIDAY!!!


I suppose I could post them from there seeing as domestic postage will cost the same but I would like it to arrive around Christmas time (if I posted it today it would probably all get mailed out by Friday). Just hope my friend gets hers before she leaves the country for half a year!!
just a little preview which in my opinion actually gives it away... 

Anyway, I don't know if anyone still reads this blog. BUT I miss it so I hope to be posting a bit more this holidays. :)

♥ Julie

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