December 20, 2011


Hurah for procrastination!

Anyway I am meant to be working on a comic fror my University's Student Services and my deadline got pushed to TOMORROW! So naturally I can think of a million other things to do.

Such as LISTEN TO CHRISTMAS CAROLS! Christmas is one of my favourite times of year but its been a bit different from other years this year. For one I have been BUSY BUSY BUSY! Having been working nearly all of my holidays so far (almost a month and a half), working on other projects, coaching on a leadership program, being really involved in my church youth group, diocesan youth events, not to mention this internship I got and this comic I am meant to be finishing...

But secondly I have been CAROLLING (as part of my youth group)! It's been SO much fun! I haven't sang this much since high school!! but it's really got the Christmas spirit in me. For once it actually feels like Christmas! And have been listening to carol covers on youtube too!!

Safe to say I have been packing my days and it is a little tiring.

BUT I do want to update because on top of all that, I'm getting my designing-crafting ON! (that totally didnt make sense) in any case I will post those up after this as this little update post is getting long enough!!

I will leave you with the lovely Gabe Bondoc and his cover of Harry Conic Jr's "Sleigh Ride" (one of my favourites!)

AND a photo of the christmas lights I hung up in my room last week, it's festive! :)

♥ Julie

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