April 14, 2012

Food & Photography

Two of my favourite things and they go beautifully together!

So my mum has been baking a lot the past month or so (probably because Better Crocker mixes were on sale). She does the baking and more often than not I am resident cake decorator. And so after each masterpiece (not really) I take photos and post them on facebook to make my friends jealous.

I just felt like collating all the photos and posting them up so I can share them all here.


(from most recent to oldest)
Leche Flan (creme caramel)
Devil's food cake
Chocolate Fudge cake w/ cream
Mum's birthday pan CAKE
Chocolate cake or some kind w/ sprinkles!

- Julie

1 comment:

  1. Haha to make everyone jealous.
    I must say you are succeeding at that!