March 11, 2012

Holiday catch up

Also some of the stuff I did in the holidays after my last Christmas craft post. Pretty much just Christmas craft and things actually at Christmas (i.e. my cards and Christmas eve baking!)

So I finished painting and colouring my cards and FINALLY cut them all up!

20 self designed, handmade Christmas cards.
Little accident spilling a glass of water!!

The paper started curling!! *GASP* Don't worry I made spare cards.
Handmade envelopes with self designed address plates
I don't have a proper photo because I am silly and didn't think about that till after I posted and I cant be bothered looking for my spares to take a photo right now. So I am just borrowing a photo off my friend Rachel who took this and posted it on online after she got it.

Our playground (my cousin & I)
We decided to make some gingerbread cookies.
YAY!!! Gingerstars :)

I really wanted to make a gingerbread house so I convinced my cousin to leave me some of the dough so I could make a mini one. Also decided to make a gingerbread man out of the leftover dough.
CONSTRUCTION! This was actually really difficult because I couldn't be bothered to make actual icing so i was just using nutella to stick it all together.
YEWWW! Finished house!!
All snow dusted! With mister ginger bread :)
Pretty good for my first ever gingerbread house, no?
AND the back of the house
We arranged and dusted the gingerbread stars too! :)
And to give you a sense of scale... look how tiny it is! It was SO CUTE :)

Anyway, so that was some of my Christmas. Hope you enjoyed!


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