February 17, 2011


So half way through my work experience week at Red Ape. Been doing a little design work for them but its thier down time so half the time the designers/illustrators just sit around LOOKING for work to do.

Anyway I am having a GREAT time. Ive been designing packaging, skateboards, doing some illustration and had a go and storyboard layouts. Also lots of image sourcing...

But here are some of the skateboard stuff I did today. The company want to design some cool skateboards for some reason..? Either for sale or just for some art to hang round the place but apparently the creative director has connections with people who can print for us..?
. I designed all the patterns and added one of the illustrators design. Top one is all mine. :)  
Note that the illustrations on the bottom two arent mine. Copyright Jeremy Bondoc. 

 I would have more stuff but Illustrator CS5 files don't open to well on CS4.

Well hopefully I can get a copy of all my work by the end of the week to add to my portfolio!

- Julie

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